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1. Are you familiar with the “European Citizens’ Initiative” that was put forward in the Lisbon Treaty?
2. The Lisbon Treaty has introduced a new form of public participation, the European Citizens’ Initiative, which enables one million citizens from a significant number of member-states to call directly on the European Commission to bring forward a policy initiative in an area of its competence. This Initiative will be effective from the 1st April 2012.
Do you consider the European Citizens’ Initiative a positive step?
3. On a scale of 5 to 0, with 5 being "very important" and 0 being "insignificant", how do you rank the following issues of EU policy-making?
 Peace, Freedom and Democracy


 The Euro currency and financial stability

 Environment and climate change

 Social protection and welfare policies

 Gender equality and women’s rights
4. On which category of issues do you anticipate that the Europeans will frequently evoke the Citizens’ Initiative? (you may choose several answers)
 political/institutional issues

 economic/financial issues

 social issues

 educational/research issues

 issues of gender equality/women rights
5. How would you judge contemporary European policies about women?
6. Which issues regarding women and gender equality are not covered in a satisfactory way by EU policies? Please elaborate.
7. Which issues should be linked with EU policies about women?

 Female employment


8. How would you assess women’s participation in EU institutions and politics?
9. If you were to sign a petition within the framework of the European Citizens’ Initiative, which demand would you formulate to improve women’s position or rights in Europe?
Please elaborate.
10. What is your gender?
11. What is your age?
 less than 25
 26 to 59
 60 or older
12. What is your nationality?
13. What is your current marital status?
 Married or in a long-term relationship
 Single/Never Married
14. Are you a parent?

The Woman's Continent

femmes en europe

Europe is the leading continent in terms of the number of women who participate in the governance of their country. See the ranking of EU Member States according to the number of women holding posts in government and Parliament.

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